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State of the Art Digital Signage Technology That Features Simplicity & Convenience In One Single Platform



Truly across the globe.
Anywhere, Anytime...
Deploy everywhere, Control anywhere.



Plug & Play. Hassle free Deployment.
Maintenance free Architecture.
Lowest possible Logistics.



Largest range of supported media
formats & resolutions. Multiple languages & fonts.
Global synchronized playback.

5 reasons why Noxel Xtream is the better choice

Nothing to install and take-up memory on your computers. This means that multiple operators can access the Xtream Cloud Service Control Panel over the Internet simultaneously, from anywhere, without installing any software.

Now available with optional Touch-Screen Interactive features. An entire restaurant menu board network can be administered from one location, streaming live updates as required. You can dynamically promote specific products, menu items or a combination.

Advanced CMS allows for extremely easy uploads utilizing HTTP and FTP protocols. Unlimited centralized web storage for your multi-media content.

This is a one-button push to transmit data to an individual device or a group of devices, with real-time success or failure status from each device. Never miss an update. The unique push & pull connectivity, error recovery and secure data channel ensures 100% guaranteed content transfer to each Xtream Signage device.

The intuitive multilayer layout designer with dynamic Drag & Drop Controls empowers users with extremely simple-to-use controls during creation and management of Playlists, Presentations and Campaigns. The scalable and configurable layout allows creation and management of multiple Zones with easily configurable size, position, transparency, scale, color and overlap settings.

Become a Reseller or Distributor

Become a Reseller

We Provide the Best Features for Your Digital Signage Needs

Noxel Xtream feature-rich digital signage platforms offer complete flexibility and control over the displays, content, and functionality of their playlists.


Signage as Cloud Service

Does not require any installation as it is a cloud service.

Rich Media Support

Audio, Video formats, PDF, Adobe Flash, HTML5 and many more.

Realtime System Monitoring

Best possible real-time system monitoring capabilities.

Scheduling with Multilevel Priorities

Easy-to-use campaign management with multilevel priorities.

Interactive Kiosks

Plug & play integration of touch screens, keyboard, mouse.

Intuitive Layout Designer

Creation and management of Playlists, Presentations and Campaigns.


Hours of Operation


Operational DS Players


Happy Clients


Countries with Deployments

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